Kimono "From the Wood" silk-twill
Kimono "From the Wood" silk-twill

Kimono "From the Wood" silk-twill

Drawing is inspired by the Russian popular prints of XVII-XVIII centuries.

Design and production: Russia.

Material: 100% silk-twill.

Sizes: S, M, L.

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35 000 руб

Popular print is a special genre of the decorative arts with the distinctive inherent figurativeness.
It represents a folkloristic picture, a very special kind of the graphic art characterized by
simplicity and laconism.
The fable beings - Lion, Unicorn and Sirin, whose images can be often seen on the folk art items
– come out from the wood, the backstage, as if from the remote past. Arriving from the East, the
images of these mythical animals caught the special fancy of folk artists. Lion symbolized
strength and power, Unicorn - fight against evil, Sirin - wellbeing.