Scarf "Dymkovo toy" silk-twill 65х65
Scarf "Dymkovo toy" silk-twill 65х65

Scarf "Dymkovo toy" silk-twill 65х65

The scarf pattern is inspired by Russian Dymkovo toys.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 65x65 cm.

Material: silk-twill 100%.

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7 000 руб

Dymkovo trade is one of the oldest folk art handicrafts in Russia. It originated in
the XVI century in Dymkovo settlement, on the low coast of the river Vyatka. The
clay toys craftsmanship passed from generation to generation through the female
line - from mother to daughter. The traditional fabrication process of Dymkovo
toys – i.e. molding, drying, baking, whitewashing, tempera painting - has survived
up to our days.
Our design has been created under the huge impression of album "Vyatka Clay
Toy in Pictures" by the artist Alexey Denshin, an amateur and a guardian of
Dymkovo trade who was infatuated by this handicraft, perceived it as an art and
made sketches of toys.
The ornamental style of Dymkovo toy looks extraordinary modern: large blots of
color, contrast combinations, geometrical ornament and straightness of lines.