Scarf "Nereditsa pink" silk-twill 90x90
Scarf "Nereditsa pink" silk-twill 90x90

Scarf "Nereditsa pink" silk-twill 90x90

The scarf pattern is inspired by the fresco paintings of the Saviour Church on Nereditsa (Spas-na-Nareditse Church).

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 90x90 cm.

Material: silk-twill 100%.

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12 000 руб

When you stay under the vaults the Saviour Church on Nereditsa, in the vicinity of
Veliky Novgorod, what impresses you first is the unexpectedly large geometrical
ornament filling the entire lower part of the temple. The scenery represents
imitation of marble panels, which is very characteristic for temple murals of XII
century. The second half of XII century is marked by a tendency to scale-up the
so-called "marbling": marble panels on some walls of the Saviour Church on
Nereditsa reach 2.5 m in height. The multiplicity of panels’ decor exceeds all the
currently known wall paintings, not only in the Russian murals, but in the
Byzantine world temples decoration as well, and can be matched only with the
variety of the genuine marble. Furthermore, no panel composition is repeated.
The most distinguished panels are located in two levels on a southeast column.
There is a face in the center of the upper panel, where all the veins of the
"marbling" are converging.
The wall painting of the temple has preserved fragmentarily and mostly in the
bottom part of the area, which increases the effect of decoration. Other walls are
covered with whitewashing, thus making marbling veins look especially fresh and
bright on this background.
The fragmentarity of remained paintings, the light splashes on bleached walls, the
visible air filling the space, the light-and-shades – all this is reflected in the
composition of this scarf.