Shawl "Belts" cashmere-wool-silk 135x135
Shawl "Belts" cashmere-wool-silk 135x135

Shawl "Belts" cashmere-wool-silk 135x135

The shawl pattern is inspired by Russian traditional women’s belts of the 18th century.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 130x130 cm.

Material: 60%cashmere 20% wool 20% silk

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Belts in Russia were an integral part of the traditional costume. Belts performed several
functions simultaneously: practical, protective, symbolic, magic and esthetic. Belts in traditional
cultures represented an important detail of men’s, women’s and kids’ garments. Accessories
necessary in everyday life were fastened to belts, such as: women’s keys, combs, purses; men’s
arms, pipes, tobacco pouches. Beyond their purely utilitarian function, belts held symbolical
significance. Tied round a person’s body, the belt represented a self-contained circle that,
according to folk beliefs, barred a way to evil spirits and protected from malefice.
Woven belts in the shape of a ribbon symbolized the road, the life journey. It’s no coincidence
that ribbons on our scarf are adjoined by the running horses harnessed to carts and carriages,
locking into a cross as a symbol of eternal circle of life.
The design is executed in several color layouts.