Shawl "Summer garden" wool - silk 135х135
Shawl "Summer garden" wool - silk 135х135

Shawl "Summer garden" wool - silk 135х135

The shawl design was inspired by the garden and park architecture of the Summer Garden.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 135x135 cm.

Material: 70% wool 30% silk


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16 500 руб

The Summer Garden of St. Petersburg is a true precious emerald framed by the city's architecture. It is located on an island surrounded by the rivers Neva, Fontanka, Moyka, and the Swan Canal. It is an example of a 'regular park' with straight alleys, geometrically designed water bodies, fountains, and numerous marble statues.

Created based on Peter the Great's plan in 1704, the garden changed its appearance over three centuries, but the initial layout has been preserved to the present day.  The sculptural decoration of the garden is especially valuable as the only preserved sample of the early 18th-century garden and park sculpture in Europe. The garden fence on the side of the Neva River is one of the main symbols of St. Petersburg.