Shawl "Lace" wool - silk 130x130 on gray background
Shawl "Lace" wool - silk 130x130 on gray background

Shawl "Lace" wool - silk 130x130 on gray background

Drawing is inspired by the Russian clutch lace.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 130x130 cm.

Material: 70% wool 30%silk

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15 000 руб

Lace-making exists in Russia for more than 300 years. Since the last third of the 19th century it has developed into the biggest Russian handicraft. Lace was always closely tied to the household use, such as traditional garments, interiors, etc. Unlike many other types of folk applied and decorative arts that have receded to the past, lace that is used for garments and interiors decoration is still knitted by craftswomen in the ancient centers of lace-making.

Bobbin lace, known also as pillow-lace, is knitted with the help of thickened-end wooden sticks – the so-called “bobbins”. The lace-maker is sitting in front of a big roller – a "pillow" with the attached drawing, i.e. "pricked pattern". The craftswoman puts a pin in the spot where threads are interwoven. Bobbins are always used in pairs, hence the name of a technique – the paired lace-making. There are two types of lace: measured ribbon that is used for the undergarment and dress finishing, and coupled lace where separate parts of the lace are coupled together, which allows creating various compositions. Such lace is represented on our scarf.

Many artists were inspired by the image of a lace-making girl.

Our scarf depicts four young lace-makers at work. Girls in traditional garments are knitting lace and dreaming of happiness.