Shawl "Nanai"cashmere-wool-silk  135х135 on biege background
Shawl "Nanai"cashmere-wool-silk  135х135 on biege background

Shawl "Nanai"cashmere-wool-silk 135х135 on biege background

The drawing is inspired by Nanai ornaments.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 135x135 cm.

Material: 60%cashmere 20% wool 20% silk

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22 000 руб

The word "nanai" may be interpreted as "na" (land) and "nai" (man), thus meaning
“man of land”. In the past Nanais were known in Russian literature and other
European languages as “Goldes”.
"The entire Goldic costume in all its parts is so abundantly adorned and with such
diligence and artistic taste that involuntarily strikes everyone, even those
absolutely indifferent to adornment and art taste in general. There is literally no
place on the costume that is not covered with any intricate pattern... Patterns are
painted in many colors. Colors are selected with such taste that all researchers who
visited Goldes unanimously express their admiration" – thus wrote at the beginning
of the XX century I. A. Lopatin, the Far Eastern ethnographer and the researcher of
traditions of Nanai people, the Amur indigenous population.
Ornaments on the garments were performed of fish skin – one of the most ancient
materials that man mastered and used in everyday life. Those ornaments contained
the deep sacral meaning, the enciphered information on the Universe. The most
complex spirals blended into the images of a world tree, dragons, birds, fishes,
snakes, thus creating a powerful protective shield.