Porcelain cup "Artemis" 100ml

4,200 Р

The decal of cup was made based on the decor of the Metropol Hotel in Moscow.

Design and production: Russia.

Size: 100ml.

Decoration type: decal, gold.

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The idea to use majolica panels on the hotel Metropol façade belongs to industrialist and patron of the arts Savva Mamontov, who bought the hotel to fulfill his idea: organize a large cultural center in Moscow. The hotel was built paying particular attention to decoration. Being a passionate promoter of his artist friends' work, Mamontov wanted to immortalize the new artistic movement on the façades of the building in the center of Moscow.  Mamontov's favorite project was the Abramtsevo ceramics workshop in his estate, the main task of which was the revival of majolica: objects made with colored fired clay and coated with opaque glazing.  The majolica panels for the Metropol were created here. The most famous of them is Princess of Dreams, based on Mikhail Vrubel's painting. It occupies the central place on the main façade of the hotel.

On our coffee cups you can see the panels made according to artist Aleksandr Golovin's sketches: Cleopatra, Artemis, Bathing Naiads, Adoration of a Deity. We used porcelain cups manufactured at the Gardner Factory in Verbilki, established in 1754 by Franz Gardner, which has been creating porcelain masterpieces for more than two centuries. 

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